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3D Printer


Curious about 3Dprinting? Enjoy an engineering challenge? Join our 3D-Print Library Derby, for grades K-12!

  • Design a "pinewood" style car with 3D software
  • Send us the .stl file.
  • We'll print it and then have contestants race for prizes and glory!

Small PDF Icon  Novi Library 3-D Print Derby Rules
Small PDF Icon  Novi Library 3-D Derby - Races
6/27 - 3-D Derby Design Days
7/2 - 3-D design and Printing 101
7/11 - 3-D Derby Design Days

3D Printer Frequently Asked Questions

How to Print 3D Models

3D Printer Fee Chart

3D Printer Request Form

3D Printer Policy

3D Printer Procedures

Video Icon Demo Video

Thank you to the Friends of the Novi Library for their financial contributions to purchase the 3D printer!

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3D Printing Books and Resources

3D Printing Books and Resources