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Teen Space

The Novi Public Library has partnered with the City of Novi Parks & Recreation Department, Novi Community School District, and Novi Youth Assistance to offer a Teen Space in the West Side Meeting Room of the Library on Mondays-Fridays from 2-5 pm (except during vacation breaks) during the school year.

The Teen Space was created for students to “hang out” and socialize when traditional use of the Library is not needed, and is open to students in grades 7-12.

Teen Space Expectations & Rules

  • Present school ID when entering Teen Space.
  • You are expected to clean up after yourself.
  • Use appropriate language, at a reasonable volume and tone.
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Report spills and accidents to the room monitor.
  • One person to a chair.

You will be evicted from NPL Teen Space and the Library for the following:

  • Physical contact, fighting or any sort or harassment.
  • Disturbing others around you by using inappropriate language or profanity, or being excessively loud.
  • Destroying or defacing Library property.
  • Not following Library Rules of Conduct.
  • Failure to present school ID upon request.

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