Battle of the Books

 2015 Battle of the Books Team Registration Form

 Coaching Responsibilities

 Rules and Procedures

We would like to congratulate all of the participants in our 2015 Battle of the Books. A special congratulations to our winning team the Rebel Readers. Check back in the fall for information about our battle in 2016.



Battle of the Books Winners 2015
2015 Winners - Rebel Readers
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Battle of the Books?
This is a program designed to encourage reading and to recognize young people who like to read.

Who may participate?
All 5th and 6th grade students who live or attend school in Novi are eligible to participate by organizing their own teams of 3 - 6 students, plus an adult coach.

What happens during the Battle?
Students read from a list of 6 books and then participate in a contest where each team answers questions about those books as a team. Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place teams.

How do we enter the Battle?
Registration forms are available by clicking here. The first 12 teams to return their entry form will be eligible to participate in the Battle. Completed forms can be turned in to the first floor information desk or can be emailed to Suzanne at or April at

What does the adult coach do?
Any parent, teacher, or other interested adult over 18 may be a coach. All coaches must attend a kick-off meeting at the Novi Public Library.  Check back this fall for information about our 2015-2016 coaches meeting. The list of books to be read will be announced and a set of books for each team distributed. Coaches keep their teams motivated and make sure members are reading their books.