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Upcoming Events

Guardians of Detroit: Architecture of the Motor City

Feb 27,

Thu, 7pm-8:30pm

Jeff Morrison, Historian and Photographer, will guide us through the hidden world of Detroit’s architectural sculptures. He will show some of the ornamental elements that remained hidden from public view for over 100 years.

Age: 12+
Price: Free Community Event
Registration Begins: Aug 1
Location: Whole Meeting Room

Women of the 1913 Copper Miners Strike

Mar 26,

Thu, 7pm

Allie Penn will explain how the strike affected women as she shares some of their stories. This was the first unionized strike in copper country. Although unsuccessful, it is considered a turning point in the history of copper country.

The Yankee War Museum

Apr 23,

Thu, 7pm

Barry Levine explains the history of the Yankee Air Museum, founded in 1981. Due to a fire, it was closed from 2004 until 2010.The exhibits cover global conflicts from WWI to the present. Displays include uniforms, weaponry, aircraft, medals, letters, photos and more.