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Downloadable Media

Download Destination

Download Destination logoClick here to checkout and download books, audiobooks and stream video

Checkout ebooks, audiobooks and stream video on your computer, eReader, Tablet, MP3 player, smartphone or other mobile devices. Click here to check for compatible devices.

  • Checkout period: 7, 14 or 21 days (your choice)
  • Checkout limit: 6
  • To checkout and download, you will need:
    • A valid library card
    • Internet access
    • A computer and/or compatible portable mobile device
    • Free software from Download Destination installed on computers or the free OverDrive Media Console App for your Apple or Android device


Libby is Overdrive’s new and improved app for borrowing and downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks onto most smartphone and tablet devices. Libby can be used simultaneously with the OverDrive app. However, Libby will eventually replace the OverDrive app.

About Libby

Use the links below for instructions on how to download free library eBooks/audiobooks.

Tablet and Smartphone (Android and Apple)

Install the OverDrive App onto Tablets and Smartphones to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks (including Kindle Fire and Nook Color & Tablet)

Kindle (e-ink):

Read ebooks on your e-ink Kindle