Privacy and Public Computing at NPL

In our ongoing effort to protect privacy, the public PCs automatically log out and perform a restart when a guest ends a session.  This process erases any and all files, documents, downloads, bookmarks, history and all temporary files that may have been created.

Remember to save your work often to avoid any inadvertent data loss.

Barcode Wallet in NPL App

Did you know you can store all of them in our Mobile App? Simply click Barcode Wallet from the main menu and manage several cards at once. Barcode Wallet-another reason to download our Mobile App.

Loaning Out a Mobile Hotspot

Check out the internet sign Novi residents 18 or older are now able to checkout a Mobile Hotspot for one week to share unlimited data with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The mobile hotspots use the T-Mobile network, provide 1GB high speed 4G LTE coverage, are PC-friendly and play nicely with your Mac or Linux computer. The device does filter content, however, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring children's online activity. Use the hotspot to conduct research, complete homework, view entertainment or stay connected with family and friends.

Novi residents must have and present a valid Novi Public Library card that is not blocked in order to check out a Mobile Hotspot. Due to the high demand and usage of the Mobile Hotspots, a hold may be placed to reserve the next available hotspot. You may place the hold directly using our catalog or by contacting us to place the hold for you.

 Virtual Reality Technology

As of September 2019, thanks to the Friends, the Library owns four virtual reality (VR) systems: two Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality consoles and two Oculus Quest headsets. These systems come with a variety of games and immersive experiences. The VR systems are regularly used in special library programs as well as outreach events.

Men using virtual reality